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I was at the library, searching non-fiction for books on Dissociative Identity Disorder when a woman a woman holding a book came into the isle, searching the shelves above where I crouched. Her knees were kaki and the back of the book in her hand said "It Gets BETTER" and I couldn't see the woman well, which doesn't matter much as my recognition skills visually are lacking severely; plus, I keep my eyes to myself, generally, unless I'm in some form facilitator, presenter, security or staff. Despite her plain clothes and the thousands of other books just within my line of sight, my brain said to me, 'this is a librarian and this book is for you, follow it.'

Hello, Cruel World
Kate Bornstein

"I'm not exactly a transsexual. A transsexual is a man who becomes a woman, or a woman who becomes a man, and I'm not a man and I'm not a woman. I break too many rules of both those genders to be one or the other. I transgress gender. You could call me transgressively gendered. You could call me transgendered. Me, I call myself a traveler."

So far, I disagree with this book in only one small, but big for me, detail. I have STOPPED changing. I'm not changing, it may look like I am, but truthfully, I'm just letting myself be who I've always kept hidden inside.
The things I did last year that made me happy make me happy now, still. There is MORE, yes, but I'm not changing. I'm growing. There's a difference for me, a big difference.

It's an awesome book, though, so far. Disagreeing with something isn't the same as disliking. I don't have to agree to like something. I wish I could get and send a copy of this book to the woman I love, but the best I can do is recommend it to you all. If you're in my hometown and po' like me, you'll have to wait until I finish and return it.

It's labeled
second floor, left rear room, first isle made of two stacks (not stack and wall), third stack from the end on your right if you face the back of the library, top shelf, third of the way in, nearly half.

Yes, I remember where almost every book I've taken from a library goes back to, unless they rearranged, which happens a lot, since new books are born every day.

In the late 1990s in a small town in Massachusetts, Camus was straight in the front door, around the desks, left side first isle wall/stacks. Taller stacks here, brown shelves, fixed not rolling. Let's see, it's hard cover, fifth shelf from the floor, left side of the shelf as you faced it, slightly above eye level, eight or so in.

I also remember almost every place I've ever peed. But that's a far less intelligent sounding story.


Jul. 25th, 2013 09:09 pm
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A recent guest laughed at "Bitches, Yuppies and Rednecks from Mars" which is entirely laughable, yes, and downright awful, but the artwork is solid work (I hesitate to use "good" because I don't like the style) and some of the tiny bits of plot are decent concepts, additionally there's a good variety of sexual proclivities, and frankly, it's really not much worse than any other comic. OK, so average comic. Batman was an ordinary man who did amazing things. So, no comparing the Batman legacy to this BYRfM, nor Wonderwoman, who, in her own way did a lot. But really, how is lesbians colonizing Mars really less weird than being able to shoot spider silk just because you got bit by a radioactive spider? Really. I know a bunch of lesbians who if you said, "hey, look, lesbian colonies on Mars, no dudes, you wanna go?" they'd be like HELL YEA. Personally, I've never met a scientist who works with spiders or seen anyone for whom radiation has been a super-powering experience and the spider bite I got is scary but my super-weird was already there before it. Is the Dr. Who plot about the waters of Mars really more believable than dykes?
I don't think so, but then, I wouldn't be writing this if I did.*
I don't really have a point to this.

*Just to be clear, I also enjoyed Spider Man and Dr. Who, and I do actively like and seek Dr. Who.


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