Mar. 28th, 2017

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There's a lot of "body positive" defining going around. Some of it divisive.

Everything is subjective.

To me, body positive simply means staying positive about my body.

If I'm eating this spinach because I want to be healthy, that's body positive.
If I'm eating it because I hate being fat and want to rid myself of it, that's negative.
If I'm at the gym working out and I'm trying to make better time on my workout to imporove my endurance, health, fitness or timing, that's positive.
If I'm at the gym working out to loose weight that is negative. Loss is negative. By definition.
If I'm doing extra time to increase my endurance or because I'm enjoying it or it's staying easier longer than usual or it's letting out the tension in me, that's positive.
If I'm doing extra time because I'm frustrated with myself or my body or my progress, that's negative.

It's actually not about the words or actions.

It's about sentiment.

By the way, that's why concern trolling is bad. It's trying to help because it thinks someone is unwell.

It's also why covering your body in "flattering" clothes to hide your fat is bad.
And why covering your body or hair because it's too beautiful to show off to anyone but those you feel deserve it is actually positive.
Wearing crop tops to piss haters off is negative.
Wearing crop tops because you love them or to keep cooler or to show of ink you love is positive.
Going to Weight Watchers to learn an easier way eat mindfully, or find others to share your journey with, go to the gym with, celebrate with, that's positive.
Going to Weight Watchers loose something you dislike is negative.
Eating to celebrate or nourish is positive.
Eating to shove down feelings or fill emptiness or conquer boredom is negative.

As far as I'm concerned, it's this simple.

No one manages to be positive all the time.
That's life.

But to me, any form of positivity is simply the positive stuff.


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