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I identify in part as a therapeutic pain top.

You've heard me say it and you've gone along with it like you know what I'm saying. I chose the words to be self explanatory, so maybe you do. Never the less, I'm going to extrapolate, just in case and because I like to.

There is such a thing as a "service top."
I could be a "service top" to a very good dominant and I believe it would be an amazing way to learn some topping skills. A service top tops as a service, although I'm willing to bet there's a lot of "therapeutic pain tops" within that. I'm explaining the distinction between the two titles for me, they may feel differently or they may just not have the language to make it distinct or maybe they just don't care. I generally don't care, however I like to try to be clear on what I mean when I say things. (I still don't feel clear.)

As a therapeutic pain top, I give pain to people who find it therapeutic. I neither dislike, nor like, giving the pain. I do it because I enjoy masteressing skills and because I find pain very therapeutic under the VERY difficult to find correct circumstances. If they were more commonly available safely, I would not BE a therapeutic pain top, although I might have one or three. I remain myself in that I am not a switch, I am both Dominant and submissive. I do NOT switch, I am both at all times, and those expecting a submissive service top are going to be very disappointed.

My same laws apply.
I will be submissive to those who make better choices than I do or to those choices inherent to their freedom. I will be submissive to anyone's limits regarding their own body...
however, I will be submissive to limits that their body has even if they do not want me to. I will be Dominant in staying true to that submission. I do NOT "switch." I will not pain top when people have been drinking. I will not hit parts that I feel should not be hit. I will not hit someone who seems like their headspace is not OK for it. I will not ever hit to punish someone. (Actually, if you're going to bottom for me, chances are I can just 'punish' you by NOT hitting you.)

To the outside, this attitude seems like Dominance.
I don't really care.
I'm submissive also, and it's to things that need submission to.

You're all welcome to use "switch" and "service top."

I don't, that's all. And this has been a bit about why.

If you need a therapeutic pain top and you're in my area, let me know.
I'm experienced with floggers, canes and paddles in addition to bare handed spanking.


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