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I admit it, I like Nan O'Brien.

Nan O'Brien's DayStarter:
"When your heart tells you that something is right, listen. You may not like what you hear, but to ignore, avoid, or turn a deaf ear will not change the truth of what you internally know. Ultimately, that truth will well up inside of you and deafen you, if you're not listening. This will put you in panic mode, a fear reaction, which will only make matters worse. The hardest things to hear often yield the greatest growth and insights. By focusing on the positive growth vs. the hardness of some truths, you can navigate the challenges that living in this physical world brings, and emerge more whole than you were before. Life is not always easy, not always fair, and there is a randomness in our existence - a result of the impact of free will/free choice - that no one likes to have to address when it doesn't go your way. The key iis to see faith as the mechanism to see you through, instead of defaulting to the fear that often arises. When things are going well, it is easy to be faithful, or faith-filled. When things are difficult, fear is often the quickest emotion you turn to, yet that is the time you need faith the most. Stop, listen, and embrace your faith fully, regardless of what you hear. Then, take the necessary action to move forward, not in spite of what you hear, but because of it. This is how the soul evolves."


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