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Dear fellow suicidal folk,
I'm glad you're still alive. You're saving my life. Even if we never meet, every moment you stay alive makes it easier for me to stay alive, too. I can't remember a time I wasn't suicidal and every suicide I've been near or heard about has made me more suicidal. I have friends who relate and sometimes that upsets me, because it means no matter how much I want to, I can't without increasing the odds my friends will die, too.
It doesn't matter if I know your name or not.
Even if you're nothing but a statistic... matters to me.
And a secret...
...every suicidal person I've met is a valuable person, unique and special in a way that must be. We're all connected even when we don't know it. By air and earth and water, if nothing else.
We're on a rock hurtling through space and a bus can hit us any day and busses are the least of our worries.
You can't be alive and also be a failure at life.
So, don't quit on me, OK.
I won't either.
Wanna die that bad?
Go do the things you think you can't because they terrify you. Even if you can't succeed at them, maybe you'll scare yourself to death.
If it doesn't kill you, you'll have learned or done something, even if only what won't kill you yet. You'll have passed the time and stretched your brain. You'll be my hero because you'll be the statistic who is trying, like me, one of the someones who makes me less alone.
If you really, really want to die, live so much it kills you.
I guarantee, it will work.
I promise.
You will get your rest and release.
You can have a secret plan for your demise still.
Life is out to get you. Birth guarantees death.
So if you want to die, find life and challenge it head on.
It will kill you.
I promise.
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