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I always interpreted Pasqwall as well adjusted. I think maybe he's just imprinted and codependent? Yesterday, as we waiting outside during the fire alarm, he was OK, considering, until I went to use a bathroom and get coffee. When I came back he was successfully digging a hole through the carrier. He had his paw out, waving it around, then pulled it in to grab and yank more. I sat back with him and held his paw a moment and then tucked it back in. He tried once or twice more, but stopped when I said, "no, hunny, no do. You gotta stay in there and be a good boy. You're a good boy." He stopped entirely then, didn't try again the rest of the time, several hours, but he stayed plastered to whatever side of the carrier was nearest whatever part of me was nearest. Normally, he runs to the door if there's a knock. Now, he won't spend more than eating or potty time more than a few feet away from me. It's as though even though I take him where he hates, I'm the only one he trusts. Do I help him grow or accept he's pretty happy as is? No doubt he'll mellow down, but I've never seen him react with fear before and the first fire truck to go by after we were back in got a terrified reaction, although he was willing to lean against me and look out the window when I said a firm but gentle, "no, no scared, just a fire truck, look." When you're adopted and divorced, you're a bit unclear on life long loyalty, so it's a big mental experience for me to discover it's ME in particular that Pasqwall bases his security with. It didn't occur to me until today he'd try to come after me if we were separated in a crisis. It's sort of beautiful in a way, but I want him to be putting his safety tops, not me. His brother was diagnosed with Downs. I often have wondered if he has a touch of special wiring, too. He has so much in common with that brother, just doesn't have the face nearly so flattened and has been kept indoors
But as I write this a large truck goes by loudly and he moves all by himself to the window beside me to look down and see. He now automatically looks down for car related sounds, there's no more confusion from it bouncing off the opposite building. He's got a new level of curiosity. I guess that part is a good thing.
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There is a creature in the shed behind me who only moves when my back is to it.

There are also a great many creatures on my kitten, Pasqwall. They are less interested in Ivy`s bitter old blood. It`s too hot to coconut oil him again and now he runs from coconut oil.

Thus, Diatomaceous Earth. I`d had and used some years ago before anyone but dairy barns used it, but I was out and a friend shared some.

::knocks on door::
In British accent: May I borrow a cup of Diatomaceous Earth?

Also, since I`m mobile and it was a suspicious sample in a plastic zip top baggie, I`m fairly sure I`m misspelling that, and more.

My method, after more research, followed key safety, but disregarded most else.

Step 1: Get a large paper bag, crumple the neck and reopen it. On somewhere wipeable or flea infested add a scoop of DE to the bag and shake it across the bottom.

Step 2: Insert kitten into bag. When it tries to escape, used crumpled neck of bag to hold around neck of kitten carefully, so to avoid eyes and ears. Let it struggle for half a minute, or puff the corners in, then open the bag and let it escape as if an accident. (If they think they escaped quick and easy, they`re often less scared.)

Step 3: Keep kitty`s water filled with fresh water.

Step 4: Giggle at paw prints on my Gothy black decor and rug.


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