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There is a creature in the shed behind me who only moves when my back is to it.

There are also a great many creatures on my kitten, Pasqwall. They are less interested in Ivy`s bitter old blood. It`s too hot to coconut oil him again and now he runs from coconut oil.

Thus, Diatomaceous Earth. I`d had and used some years ago before anyone but dairy barns used it, but I was out and a friend shared some.

::knocks on door::
In British accent: May I borrow a cup of Diatomaceous Earth?

Also, since I`m mobile and it was a suspicious sample in a plastic zip top baggie, I`m fairly sure I`m misspelling that, and more.

My method, after more research, followed key safety, but disregarded most else.

Step 1: Get a large paper bag, crumple the neck and reopen it. On somewhere wipeable or flea infested add a scoop of DE to the bag and shake it across the bottom.

Step 2: Insert kitten into bag. When it tries to escape, used crumpled neck of bag to hold around neck of kitten carefully, so to avoid eyes and ears. Let it struggle for half a minute, or puff the corners in, then open the bag and let it escape as if an accident. (If they think they escaped quick and easy, they`re often less scared.)

Step 3: Keep kitty`s water filled with fresh water.

Step 4: Giggle at paw prints on my Gothy black decor and rug.


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